XDG Utils

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XDG Utils is a set of utilities for managing XDG MIME Applications. The provide an interface to open files with a specific default application and also configure various directories.

1. Tips and Tricks

Not much here yet

2. Useful Resources

3. Configuration

3.1. Setup Base Directories

Don't use a traditional desktop environment so there is not need for a seperate desktop directory. I let this be my home directory.


I don't really have a documents diretory really so I just store everything in here. Most of my real documents are all org files, so they only exist in git repos anyway.


I actually save all downloads to a local folder named tmp. All of its contents are deleted on poweroff so it forces me to organize files that I download right away.


I don't really download music at the moment so I just set this generic location for now.


The same goes with pictures…


And videos as well…


I'm public share directory is a directory that has read access for all users on the system. However, since I'm the only user on the system, I don't really use this.


I don't really manage templates of any kind. Maybe I should…


Created: 2021-11-13

Emacs 26.1 (Org mode 9.5)