Sxhkd Hotkey Daemon

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Sxhkd is a hotkey daemon for the Xorg X11 Window System.

1. Configuration

1.1. Startup Script

We need to configure sxhkd to startup and refresh whenever our window manager is refreshed. Add this snippet to the xinit user-level scripts.

export SXHKD_TERMINAL=$HOME/org/config/bin/emacsclient-launcher
#export SXHKD_TERMINAL=urxvt
pkill -x sxhkd
sxhkd &

1.2. Terminal Exec Keybindings

Keybinding to spawn a terminal. This variable is defined in the X11 window manager utilities init file.

super + Return

Spawn Terminal matching environment of focused terminal. This is incredibly useful if I want to create another terminal instance in the same directory as the one I'm currently in. This actually only works in normal terminals and and not in the emacs vterm. Need to think of another solution to handle that but probably don't need to.

super + shift + Return

1.3. Rofi Dmenu Launcher Keybindings

Here we make use of Rofi Dmenu to create various dmenus to do various tasks. Half of these are probably deprecated now that I'm using emacs, but nonetheless, here they are.

Dmenu for launching a program from $PATH.

super + e
    rofi -show run

Dmenu for listing all open windows and changing focus.

super + w
    rofi -show window

Dmenu for interacting with password store and also getting QR Code view.

super + p
super + shift + p
    $HOME/org/config/lib/rofi/rofi-pass --qrcode

Dmenu for retrieving and saving personal bookmarks (Deprecated in favor of Org-roam)

super + b

Dmenu for looking up my vimwiki files in read-only mode. Also generate PDF views as well. (Deprecated in favor of Org-roam)

super + n
super + shift + n
    $HOME/org/config/lib/rofi/rofi-wiki --pdf

Choose which Qutebrowser session to load. Unforunately its pretty buggy and is not working the way I expect.

super + shift + w

Toggle between different display/power profile (multi-monitor, single monitor, etc.)

super + d

Dmenu to control system state (locked, reboot, poweroff, etc.)

#super + Escape
#    $HOME/org/config/lib/rofi/rofi-system LOCK SCREEN
super + ctrl + alt + Escape

1.4. Scrot Keybindings

Interactively select a window or rectangle with the mouse to take a screen shot of it. It's important that these keybindings are prefaces with the @ token as it implies that the command should be executed on key release as opposed to key press. Scrot and xclip here will not work properly unless they are on key release.

    scrot -q 100 -s '/tmp/%F_%T_$wx$h.png' -e 'xclip -selection clipboard -target image/png -i $f'

@shift + Print
    scrot -q 100 '/tmp/%F_%T_$wx$h.png' -e 'xclip -selection clipboard -target image/png -i $f'

1.5. Media Control Keybindings

Various media keybindings that both actually do the what the media key describes and also (usually) sends a signal to the Lemonbar FIFOs.

    xbacklight -inc 1 -time 10; \
    $HOME/.config/lemonbar/utils/trigger_fifos bkl

    xbacklight -dec 1 -time 10; \
    $HOME/.config/lemonbar/utils/trigger_fifos bkl

    pulsemixer --toggle-mute; \
    $HOME/.config/lemonbar/utils/trigger_fifos vol

    pulsemixer --toggle-mute; \
    $HOME/.config/lemonbar/utils/trigger_fifos vol

    pulsemixer --change-volume +1; \
    $HOME/.config/lemonbar/utils/trigger_fifos vol

    pulsemixer --change-volume -1; \
    $HOME/.config/lemonbar/utils/trigger_fifos vol

    $HOME/src/spotify-cli/spotify-cli toggle

    $HOME/src/spotify-cli/spotify-cli next

    $HOME/src/spotify-cli/spotify-cli prev

Created: 2021-11-13

Emacs 26.1 (Org mode 9.5)