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1. Your Life in Plain Text


Org-mode is a powerful plain text markup language for GNU/Emacs. You can use it for taking notes, generating to-do-lists, creating research papers, running code, you name it! Here is a simple example that I took from Nick Higham's blogpost. Made minor changes as org-mode has changed a small amount.

#+TITLE: Org Mode Syntax Cheat Sheet
#+OPTIONS: toc:nil
# Adapted from

* Top Level Heading
** Second Level Heading
*** Third Level Heading

# A comment line.  This line will not be exported.

Paragraphs are separated by at least one empty line.

*bold* /italic/ _underlined_ +strikethrough+ =monospaced=

[[][Link description]] A link without a description.

A DOI (digital object identifier) link:
[[doi:10.1093/comnet/cnv016][Matching Exponential-Based and Resolvent-Based Centrality Measures]]

A horizontal line, fill-width across the page:

- First item in a list.
- Second item.
  - Sub-item
    1. Numbered item.
    2. Another item.
- [ ] Item yet to be done.
- [X] Item that has been done.

LaTeX macros can be included: $x_2 = \alpha + \beta^2 - \gamma$.

**** TODO A todo item.
**** DONE A todo item that has been done.

This text will be indented on both the left margin and the right margin.

: Text to be displayed verbatim (as-is), without markup
: (*bold* does not change font), e.g., for source code.
: Line breaks are respected.

Some MATLAB source code:
#+BEGIN_SRC matlab
>> rand(1,3)
ans =
   5.5856e-01   7.5663e-01   9.9548e-01

Some arbitrary text to be typeset verbatim in monospace font:
#+BEGIN_SRC text
Apples, oranges,
cucumbers, tomatoes

# Table and spreadsheet.  The column headed "Ratio" is automatically
# calculated by hitting C-c C-c in Emacs on the #+TBLFM line.

| Country        | Abstracts | Downloads | Ratio |
| United States  |         7 |       497 |  71.0 |
| Unknown        |         4 |        83 |  20.8 |
| United Kingdom |         3 |        41 |  13.7 |
| Germany        |         3 |        29 |   9.7 |
| Netherlands    |         2 |        21 |  10.5 |
| Japan          |         1 |        18 |  18.0 |
#+TBLFM: $4=$3/$2;%.1f

Include an image:

2. Useful Resources

3. Configuration

3.1. Basic Configuration

I should probably split this bloody mess up.

(use-package org
  ;; (org-mode    . zamlz/org-mode-setup-simple)
  (org-mode    . zamlz/org-mode-setup-fancy)
  (before-save . zamlz/update-org-modified-property-hook)
  :bind (:map org-mode-map
              ("C-M-h" . org-previous-link)
              ("C-M-l" . org-next-link))
  ;; Setup directories
  (org-directory "~/org/gtd/")
  (org-agenda-files (list org-directory))
  ;; Add some nice visuals changes
  (org-ellipsis " ▾")
  ;; (org-ellipsis " ")
  ;; This is so that the imenu displays all levels in ivy
  (org-imenu-depth 6)
  ;; dont use C-c C-o for opening links REEEEEEEEEEEE
  (org-return-follows-link t)
  ;; Some todo/logging changes
  (org-enforce-todo-dependencies t)
  (org-log-done 'time)
  (org-log-into-drawer t)
  (org-treat-S-cursor-todo-selection-as-state-change nil)
  ;; Setup org capture mode
  ;; Setup refiling
  (org-log-refile 'time)
  (org-refile-use-outline-path 'file)
  (org-outline-path-complete-in-steps nil)
  (org-refile-allow-creating-parent-nodes nil)
  ;; TODO: need to figure out how to setup project refile targets
   `((,(concat org-directory "/") :maxlevel . 5)))
  ;; Setup archive location
  (org-archive-location (concat org-directory "/"))
  ;; ensure that refiling saves buffers
  (advice-add 'org-refile :after 'org-save-all-org-buffers)
  ;; Inline Image improvements
  (org-startup-with-inline-images t)
  (org-image-actual-width 300)
  ;; Align org tags
  (org-tags-column (* -1 (- zamlz/default-screen-width 10)))
  (org-agenda-tags-column (* -1 zamlz/default-screen-width )))

3.2. Mode Startup Hooks

These are some hooks that we would like to run when org-mode is started. We have two variants here. One is a fancy version that configures different fonts depending on the style, while the second does not.

(defun zamlz/org-mode-setup-simple ()
  (visual-line-mode +1)
  (setq fill-column 10000)
(defun zamlz/org-mode-setup-fancy ()
  (visual-line-mode +1)
  (setq evil-auto-indent nil)
  (setq fill-column 10000)

3.3. Better Font Faces Hook

We can configure org-mode font faces via a seperate function that we define. We need to add it as a hook afterwards however which is why this section appears before the basic configuration.

(defun zamlz/org-level-face-setup-fancy ()
  ;; hide #+TITLE:
  (setq org-hidden-keywords '(title))
  (setq org-fontify-whole-heading-line t)
  (setq org-fontify-done-headline t)
  (setq org-fontify-quote-and-verse-blocks t)
  ;; set basic title font
  (set-face-attribute 'org-level-8 nil :weight 'normal :slant 'italic :inherit 'outline-8
                      :height 1.0)
  ;; Low levels are unimportant => no scaling
  (set-face-attribute 'org-level-7 nil :weight 'normal :slant 'italic :inherit 'outline-7
                      :height 1.1)
  (set-face-attribute 'org-level-6 nil :weight 'normal :slant 'italic :inherit 'outline-6
                      :height 1.2)
  (set-face-attribute 'org-level-5 nil :weight 'normal :slant 'italic :inherit 'outline-5
                      :height 1.3)
  (set-face-attribute 'org-level-4 nil :weight 'normal :slant 'italic :inherit 'outline-4
                      :height 1.4)
  (set-face-attribute 'org-level-3 nil :weight 'normal :slant 'italic :inherit 'outline-3
                      :height 1.5)
  (set-face-attribute 'org-level-2 nil :weight 'normal :slant 'italic :inherit 'outline-2
                      :height 1.6)
  (set-face-attribute 'org-level-1 nil :weight 'normal :slant 'italic :inherit 'outline-1
                      :height 1.7)
  ;; Only use the first 4 styles and do not cycle.
  (setq org-cycle-level-faces nil)
  (setq org-n-level-faces 8)
  ;; Document Title, (\huge)
  (set-face-attribute 'org-document-title nil
                      :slant 'normal
                      :weight 'normal
                      :height 2.5
                      :underline t
                      :foreground 'unspecified))

Here is an alternate that is simpler.

(defun zamlz/org-level-face-setup-simple ()
  ;; Only use the first 4 styles and do not cycle.
  (setq org-cycle-level-faces t)
  (set-face-attribute 'org-document-title nil
                      :slant 'normal
                      :weight 'bold
                      :height 1.0
                      :underline t
                      :foreground 'unspecified)
  (set-face-attribute 'org-level-8 nil :inherit 'outline-8)
  (set-face-attribute 'org-level-7 nil :inherit 'outline-7)
  (set-face-attribute 'org-level-6 nil :inherit 'outline-6)
  (set-face-attribute 'org-level-5 nil :inherit 'outline-5)
  (set-face-attribute 'org-level-4 nil :inherit 'outline-4)
  (set-face-attribute 'org-level-3 nil :inherit 'outline-3)
  (set-face-attribute 'org-level-2 nil :inherit 'outline-2)
  (set-face-attribute 'org-level-1 nil :inherit 'outline-1))

Thanks to this blog post from Protesliaos, I was able to properly configure variable pitched fonts in these org-mode buffers.

(defun zamlz/org-fixed-pitch-setup-fancy ()
  (dolist (face '(org-block
    (set-face-attribute `,face nil :inherit 'fixed-pitch))
  (set-face-attribute 'org-block-begin-line nil :inherit 'org-block :slant 'italic)
  (set-face-attribute 'org-block-end-line nil :inherit 'org-block-begin-line :slant 'italic))

3.4. Center Org buffers

Center the org buffers and remove line numbers to reduce visual clutter.

(defun zamlz/org-mode-visual-fill ()
  (setq visual-fill-column-width zamlz/default-screen-width
        ;; visual-fill-column-extra-text-width (0 . 1000)
        visual-fill-column-center-text t)
  (visual-fill-column-mode 1))

 (use-package visual-fill-column
   :hook (org-mode . zamlz/org-mode-visual-fill))

3.5. General Keybindings

Just quick access to my most used org-mode functions via the General Leader Keybindings Definer.

(require 'init-general)
  "c" '(org-capture :which-key "org-capture")
  "a" '(org-agenda :which-key "org-agenda")
  "o"  '(:ignore t :which-key "Org Mode")
  "ol" '(org-store-link :which-key "org-store-link")
  "oi" '((lambda () (interactive)
           (org-tags-view t "INBOX")
           (message "Opened:  %s" (buffer-name)))
         :which-key "Inbox")
  "og" '((lambda () (interactive)
           (find-file (concat org-directory "/"))
           (message "Opened:  %s" (buffer-name)))
         :which-key "GOTO")
  "oj" '((lambda () (interactive)
           (find-file (concat org-directory "/"))
           (message "Opened:  %s" (buffer-name)))
         :which-key "GOTO"))

3.6. LaTeX Inline Preview

Pretty straightforward except that you need to have LaTeX installed and also dvipng as well. We'll add dvipng to this file's package set.

\begin{equation} R_{\mu \nu} - {1 \over 2}R \, g_{\mu \nu} + \Lambda g_{\mu \nu}= {8 \pi G \over c^4} T_{\mu \nu} \end{equation}
(setq org-startup-with-latex-preview t)
(setq org-highlight-latex-and-related '(native script entities))
(with-eval-after-load 'org
  (setq org-format-latex-options (plist-put org-format-latex-options
                                            :scale zamlz/org-latex-scale-factor))
  (setq org-preview-latex-image-directory  "/tmp/ltximg/")
  (add-to-list 'org-src-block-faces '("latex" (:inherit default :extend t))))

3.7. Last Modified Timestamp

The following allows any #+LAST_MODIFIED headers to be updated on file-save.

(defun zamlz/update-org-modified-property-hook ()
  "If an org file contains a '#+LAST_MODIFIED' property,
  update it to contain the current date/time"
  (when (eq major-mode 'org-mode)
      (goto-char (point-min))
      (when (re-search-forward "^#\\+LAST_MODIFIED:" (point-max) t)
          (delete-region (point) (save-excursion (move-end-of-line 1) (point)))
          (insert (format-time-string " [%Y-%m-%d %a %H:%M:%S]") ))))))

3.8. Custom Link Types

The variable org-link-abbrev-alist provides us a powerful way of defining our own link types to be used within org-mode. Let's define one for Google Maps below. Now to use it, we simply need to type [[gmap:UCSC, Santa Cruz][UCSC]] and we'll have a link open up to google maps!

(setq org-link-abbrev-alist
      '(("gmap" . "")))

3.9. Feature Provider

(provide 'init-org)

Created: 2021-11-13

Emacs 26.1 (Org mode 9.5)