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1. Drag and Drop Images to Org-Mode

Org-download adds quick image drag and drop functionality for Org-mode buffers. You can also download from clipboard as well.

2. Configuration

2.1. Setup Dependencies

We should pull in Org-mode first so we don't accidentally use the built-in version.

(require 'init-org)

2.2. Package Install

Install Org-download.

(use-package org-download)

2.3. Setup Download Directory

(setq-default org-download-image-dir "./data")
(setq-default org-download-heading-lvl nil)
(setq-default org-download-method 'directory)

2.4. Update Link Format

The existing format for org-download-link-format was "[[file:%s]]\n" but this is not needed as the file: causes problems for other engines that want to display images.

(setq org-download-link-format "[[./%s]]\n")

2.5. Feature Provide

(provide 'init-org-download)

Created: 2021-11-13

Emacs 26.1 (Org mode 9.5)